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Affordable & Simple

The Tigerwing is an affordable solution for simple, safe and automatic mapping, developed exclusively from the ground up by a team of drone experts. Compatible with most post-processing software and cameras, this UAV is the ideal tool to integrate drones in your business.



Complete Mission Tutorial

Follow this 10min tutorial to discover how to realize a complete Survey Mission with Sunbirds Drones. From mission planning to Orthomosaics generation with Metashape, all the steps are explained very simply.


Continuous flights for large scale monitoring

The SB4 Phoenix is a Solar-Powered Drone capable to fly an entire day to scale-up your mapping and surveillance operations. Compatible with Micasense, FLIR and Sony cameras, this Drone is the ideal tool when large areas are involved.


Exclusive offer : Get Free Orthophotos Generations

Buy one of our Fixed Wing Drone and we will generate orthophotos for you ! You don’t need any technical skills or software licenses, just send us your georeferenced images and we’ll do the rest.


Disrupting Precision Forestry with Drones

Traditional measurements of Forest Inventory are labour intensive, costly, time-consuming and subject to sampling errors. Forestry companies send teams walking across dense vegetation for months to identify specific trees. Discover how drones and Artificial Intelligence will drastically improve forest-management results.


How We Revolutionize Water Monitoring in Livestock Farming

Sunbirds has partnered with Meat & Livestock Australia and one of the largest family-owned cattle company in the world - McDonald Holdings - to develop a monitoring solution for huge remote properties. Now commercially available, discover our drone solutions for cattle stations.


Quick Start Guide For a Successful Mission

Watch our Quick Start Guide Video to learn how to successfully operate our drones, create flight plans, surveys, check your mission safety, fly the UAV and collect data. You’ll quickly get a global view of our solution and be able to understand how simple it is to implemen it.


Solar Drones for Water Management

Thanks to its unrivalled endurance, the SB4 performs ultra long range missions. With a flight range of up to 400km, our Drone is able to automatically follow its GPS flight path and take HD pictures of each waterpoint. After finishing its mission, the SB4 will fly back and land autonomously. It is then quick and simple to browse the pictures, which are displayed on your station’s map.