Aerial water monitoring solution

Making sure that there is water for the stock is vital for outback cattle stations. During the dry season or times of drought, man-made waters are checked twice a week. Water runs are undertaken by plane, helicopter or all-terrain vehicles at significant labour, fuel, vehicle wear and tear and operating expense.

Those inspections are often dull, dirty and dangerous. They are time consuming and usually don’t result in any actual maintenance. Our research shows that manual inspection can be reduced by over 90% by using Sunbirds drones, which means you have more time for other important tasks.

Aerial monitoring via RPAS drastically reduces the costs and time spent on your daily inspections. RPAS are fully autonomous, inexpensive and easy to deploy. They are electrically powered resulting in virtually no fuel nor maintenance costs. Your staff time will be used for other important tasks on the farm such as mustering and yard work.


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90% of the time, borerunners will reach tanks and realize that no repairs are required. While water protection is key, man-made monitoring can be costly.
— Al McDonald, MDH, Queensland, Australia

How we solve the problem

Thanks to its unrivalled endurance, the SB4 performs ultra long range missions. With a flight range of up to 400km, our RPAS is able to automatically follow its GPS flight path and take HD pictures of each waterpoint. After finishing its mission, the SB4 will fly back and land autonomously. It is then quick and simple to browse the pictures, which are displayed on your station’s map.



A Ready-To-Use Solution for Water Monitoring.



Check water from your house

It’s just like flying there yourself. The drone – unlike other remote monitoring systems – provides the same level of information as manned inspection. After the flight, simply transfer the pictures from the drone’s SD card to your computer.

The drone gives you a clear view of the area to detect any abnormalities – feral animals, fallen trees, stock bogged in a dam etc. You can check fencelines, gates or solar pumps in a few seconds.Save time, only driving to a waterpoint if and where required, with the right maintenance equipment.


Save Time, Money & Fuel

While water management is key for a cattle station, man-made monitoring is performed at great time, fuel and operating expense. 90% of the time, bore-runners will reach tanks and realize that no repairs are required. By removing the need for manual intervention to the remaining 10%, Sunbirds saves up to 30,000$ per year in maintenance and fuel costs for stations checking the waters by chopper and ute.

Sunbirds drones being able to monitor our waters immediately reduces the aircraft hours and time people on the ground spend driving, which are significant costs. It saves time so staff can do other jobs on the properties.
— Al McDonald, MDH, Queensland, Australia
SB4 Phoenix Livestock-PRO

The Phoenix is a Solar-Powered autonomous aircraft able to fly up to 8 hours. This drone can map large properties in one single, simple flight. Save time and money by choosing this record-holder long endurance solution.

A Ready-to-Use package for Water Monitoring :

  • 1 SB4 Phoenix Ready-To-Fly

  • 1 Belvedere Ground Control Software

  • 1 Telemetry module for up to 50km range

  • 1 Ground Station High Gain Antenna

  • 1 Sony RX100 Ready-To-Use for mapping

  • 1 Remote Control for manual control

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