Large-Scale Mapping Solutions

Sunbirds designs cutting-edge versatile drones that collect more data in one flight thanks to their unrivalled endurance and their dual payload option. Modular sensors mean you can fly up to two sensors for photogrammetry, multispectral, or thermal missions with one UAV system. Our RTK-PPK systems enable GIS experts to collect accurate data and build 2D & 3D maps easily.



Sunbirds drones are designed to fly longer than other commercial drones to cover extensive areas



Our drones carry up to 2 payloads and a broad choice of multispectral, RGB, or thermal sensors



From take-off to data-processing, Sunbirds solutions are rugged, user-friendly and hassle-free

Tigerwing Mapping - 2.png

Tigerwing Map-Pro®

An Affordable and Ready-to-Use solution for cost-efficient mapping operations.



Mapping & Surveying

Sunbirds solutions can map hundreds of hectares in one single, simple flight.

We facilitate and speed up your data-collection process by providing multi-sensors and long-endurance solutions.

Sunbirds’ data can be used with most leading post-processing software to create professional 2D and 3D maps. Our PPK solution gives you the highest precision on the market without requiring Ground Control Points.

Our mission planning and flight control software is a fast, intuitive and precise tool designed to create optimal flight plans in minutes.
It enables you to check the quality of your data during and immediately after the flight.

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Compatible with most post-processing software

Sunbirds is compatible with most post-processing software and cloud-based solutions. We have selected Sony technology to provide professional grade results to our customers.

Orthophoto Sample

Tigerwing Mapping - 2.png
Tigerwing MAP-PRO

The Tigerwing (Skyhunter 1800mm Wingspan EPO Long Range Adapted) is an affordable and professional grade Drone. It has been designed to be fully autonomous, reliable and simple to operate. Ideal for your daily data collection this drone is compatible with Sony RX100 and Micasense Rededge cameras. Its airframe made of foam is rugged, durable, easy to repair and adapted to harsh environments.

A Ready-to-Use package for Mapping :

  • 1 Tigerwing Ready-To-Fly

  • 1 Belvedere ground control software

  • 1 Telemetry module for up to 3km range

  • 1 Sony RX100 Ready-To-Use for mapping

  • 1 Remote Control for manual control


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